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At age 3, my first movie I saw was Disney’s The Jungle Book. It sparked my imagination and made me realize stories were magic. And I wanted to tell them!

By 37 my childhood dreams of being a Disney animator, traveling the world to work on awesome movies and directing award-winning projects had become reality.

My biggest heroes, people like Walt Disney, Steven Spielberg, George Lucas, Peter Jackson and J.K. Rowling were all talented people whose stories changed the world.

They motivated me to get my message out there. With the invention of the internet, it was finally possible to break away from old-school distribution. Anyone, anywhere, could get their message out.

Inspired by Tim Ferris’ 4 Hour Work Week, I made a plan to live the internet lifestyle. It wasn’t easy, but now I live in Slovenia with my awesome wife, Nastja.

I get paid to do what I love, when I want to and wherever I choose to be (assuming the darn internet works!).

I want you to do the same!


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If you have a website, but aren’t actively capturing leads, then we’re here to help!

Inspired by Jeff Walker’s Seed Launch teachings, we’ll consult you to run a seed launch with your list, pinpoint the exact products they want you to create and then easily create it.

We do all the hard work so you can focus on creating a great info product that makes an impact!

After your product is created we’ll build a fully automated funnel, manage it and run ads to make sure you’re getting traffic!

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Are you amazingly overwhelmed with consistently creating content, distributing it and then engaging with your audience?

If so, check out the crazy new consulting service I’ve cooked up. My team will consult you to develop a content publishing strategy. Then we’ll work with you to craft your content. You simply speak it to us over a monthly Skype call, and we do the rest!

That means we turn our Content Consulting Sessions into high-quality videos, blog posts, podcasts and more! You’ll literally be EVERYWHERE your audience is. And all you need to do is speak your content!

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Want to get the studio worthy skills to work on big movies, games and shows? Or simply a film fan who wants to experience what it's like to work on a Hollywood Blockbuster? If so, my 'Animation Training Experiences' reveal all!



Ready to discover the fundamentals of animation?

Whether you want to get started, make a short film, or get a job, I’ve got you covered!I’ve created 3 mini-courses that will walk you, step-by-step, through the big ideas you must know!

This is a perfect way to sample my trainings and decide you want to go deeper.

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If you’ve been wondering what it’s like to work on a Hollywood Blockbuster, then you’ll love this amazing new course!I’ll teach you 15 years of insights on how films are made. You’ll get a step-by-step blueprint so you can follow along and make (design, build, animate and render) your own animation!

I’ll even show you how to do this in a few quick weeks, help you get free software and reveal all my tips, tricks and tactics!

So if you’re wanting to become a successful animator, or are a film fan who wants to experience what it’s like to work on films, then this new course is just for you!

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The Disney Animators invented 12 animation principles.I added 2 of my own.

If you’re just starting out as an animator, you don’t want to miss my monthly training program. You’ll get a monthly assignment that dives deep on a new animation principle each month.

This includes an assignment, over-the-shoulder training (so you can watch how I work), all the assets you will need to create your assignments, cheat-sheets and check-lists so you can master animation as quickly as possible!

This training is world-class! Enrollment is limited, so click the button below to get full details!

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Learn how to tell stories, publish content, create amazing videos and monetize your message!


I’m partnering with the amazingly talented Canon Wing to teach how to integrate Hollywood style storytelling into helping you share your message with your audience!

If that sounds cool, then click the button below to get on our early bird list! We’re going to launch in Fall 2014. You don’t want to miss out on all the great insights we’ll send your way!

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Every week I write about whatever wacky thing I'm currently creating. Usually this involves me learning something new then passing that info on to you. So be sure to check my blog out!

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