Best Evergreen Business System Bonus

Best Evergreen Business System Bonus!

[notice]The biggest challenge you’re going to face when creating a webinar is picking the right webinar software.  But the second thing is knowing how to craft the perfect webinar (what are the elements you must create, include, and in what order?)[/notice]

Evergreen Business System Bonus

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Hi!  I’m filmmaker Mike L. Murphy.  I bought EBS to bring in leads for my online business.

Last year I bought Jeff Walker’s Product Launch Formula and was really impressed with the psychology of making a launch but realized it’s a giant pain-in-ass. Finally some genius (Rich Schefren) realized that evergreen launches were the way to go.

That meant I had to learn how to create a webinar…no easy task. Further, I didn’t know what webinar software to use. I bought 3 different types and none were ideal. The big issue is having a system that lets you automate the playback process (so you don’t have to physically do 8 webinars a day!).

Finally they launched Evergreen Business System (EBS) which had all the elements that Rich Schefren talked about in his Evergreen Launch report.


Evergreen Business System Bonus

Long story short, I’m now using EBS in all my sites and so far, so good.

Software is one thing, the biggest issue is the art… how do you create a webinar? What are the elements you need to maximize conversion rates?

This led me on a journey to study 5 different courses and draft up a set of ‘blueprints’.

I spent over $500 and 2 weeks figuring all this out! So what if, for no additional cost (since you’re buying EBS anyway) you buy through my affiliate link. When you do that I’m going to instantly send you…

I’ll give you…

  • My simple to follow NOTES (so you don’t have to spend 2 weeks figuring this all out)
  • My POWERPOINT TEMPLATE which walks you step-by-step through each beat you must include in your webinar
  • $150 off coupon if you’d like me to consult with setting your Webinar up.
Evergreen Business System Bonus
I’m not going to BS you and say this is worth $8924.54.  (The other people with bonuses claim that).  But I will say it cost me over $500 and 2 weeks for figure all this out.
With my bonus you can have a step-by-step blueprint so you can create successful webinars quickly using the EBS software.  To me, this is worth at least $500.

A $500 VALUE, Yours FREE!

(Okay, I couldn’t resist doing the ‘marketing thing’.)

*I have made graphics and animation for such movies as Lord Of The Rings, Harry Potter, Ironman & more.
best evergreen business system bonus


Your Bonus Includes:

So you’re going to get a detailed blueprint on how to create a successful webinar that combines notes from over 5 expensive classes and includes:

  • Templates for your email follow ups
  • What elements you need to create (how many bribes, images and videos you should create)
  • A checklist of all the elements you need to include in order to convert prospects to sales

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Honestly, if you want a $100 Apple gift card, then buy your EBS HERE. If you want like 30 overwhelming training courses, then click HERE. And if you want to deal with 14 exit catcher popups then CLICK HERE (he’s giving away a $50 Apple card!).

BUT, if you want a bonus that you can instantly apply to start utilizing your EBS and MAKE MONEY, then simply buy it through my link by clicking HERE.

It’s that simple.

My notes and powerpoint template are rock solid, based off taking all the classes out there.

Sure, you can take them all yourself and spend the money…but why?


Leverage my time and pay nothing for it. It’s 100% FREE! So click HERE now to get your EBS (which has a 30 day money-back guarantee…and you still can keep my bonuses).

[note title="Note:"]

One more thing…it’ll take 30 days for the affiliate system to notify me that you bought. That’s too long for you to wait for my bonuses.

So simply forward me a copy of your EBS receipt (be sure to omit your personal info on there!) to:

mike (at) mikelmurphy (dot) com (subject line: EBS bonus)

and I’ll send you a zip file of the bonuses so you can start within 24 hours.

Or you can get the $50 Apple gift card and then sit around trying to figure out how to make a webinar. It’s your choice.

best evergreen business system bonus


PS, unlike all the other people who offer bonuses, you get mine immediately.  And you can keep them.  So even if you decide EBS isn’t right for you, keep my bonuses and find success!