Hasbro’s Mr. Monopoly – Spot 2

Here is the second of 4 Monopoly spots I directed for Hasbro and the Minnesota State Lottery.

We shot the live action plates (fancy talk for backgrounds) in Santa Monica in one day. Then we spent about 8 days per a spot to complete the animation. This was a fun series to work on because we got to allow Mr. Monopoly to act and have a slight character arc over the 1:45 minutes of screen time.

Enjoy, and be sure to ask questions or leave comments!


About Mike L. Murphy

Mike L. Murphy is an American Animator whose work can be seen in Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, Ironman & more. He has also directed award winning short films, animations & commercials. To contact Mike about directing one of your projects, or for animation & visual effects consulting CLICK HERE. Students can study under him at SuccessfulAnimator.com.

  • robert

    Wow! This is totally superb! I do love to play monopoly and to have seen this commercial means really something to me. I have to admit that I love your work.

  • ana

    I just love the fancy talk that you had applied here in this commercial. When I saw this the first time, I was awed. I am definitely sure that I will be looking forward to more of you!

  • niki

    I was laughing when I saw this commercial of yours. I’ve got to give it up to you, Mike. Seriously, this is almost as if it was a real live person, if not only that of course it was purely animation.

  • bella

    I have to say that I love Mr. Monopoly’s true to life facial expressions. When I read your post, I actually couldn’t believe that it only took eight days to complete the animation. I commend you for such great expertise.

  • jacob

    I did enjoyed this commercial. Even my friends find this awesome. What does it take to make such high quality commercial that is almost surreal?

  • Randi-Lyn

    This character is amazing!

  • Diane Johnson

    Who does the voice for the commercial? It sounds like Newman from Seinfeld. NEWman!