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About Mike L. Murphy

I’ve had the honor to be a Visual Effects Artist for such blockbuster franchises as Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Fast and Furious and Ironman. Everyone’s favorite character I worked on was Gollum from Lord of the Rings. I got to live in New Zealand for two years and help bring him to life.

After ‘retiring’ from the Visual Effects industry I directed award winning short films and commercials. During this time I fell in love with the ‘art of business’ and have dedicated the last five years to mastering that art form.

This site is a culmination of all the things I love…painting and enjoying life (my Little Bit of Wonderful Brand), filmmaking and storytelling (my Moviemakin’ Brand) and building cool businesses (Visionary Planner Brand).

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What are my 3 brands?


I love telling stories and making movies! This Brand is a celebration of all things geeky.

You’ll discover all the wisdom I learned from working for over 15 years on Hollywood blockbusters!

I talk about animation, VFX, screenwriting, acting and more. Check it out!

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Little Bit of Wonderful

Life can get you down if you let it. Painting is one way I remain positive.

This Brand is a host to my paintings, but it’s more about how to be happy and stay motivated.

If you like to smile, and be inspired, then you might want to check this out now.

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Visionary Planner

In 2011 I realized that the coolest ‘art form’ of all is creating a Brand!

All my heroes were able to create Brands around their Visions.

This Brand reveals everything I’ve learned about creating a Brand that makes consistent and repeatable income so you can get paid to do what you love.

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Storytelling: Never Be Boring Ever Again!

This comprehensive video workshop reveals Hollywood’s inside strategies to telling compelling stories. Knowing this will help you improve your marketing messages, influence others and entertain your friends.

Why risk being boring to your customers and employers? The Brands, and freelancers, who make the most money are the ones that have the most influence over others.

This training is 100% awesome, so why not click the button below to find out more?


How To Achieve More While Working Less

Wouldn’t it be great to get more done, and feel more grateful? To feel like you’re accomplishing more than you ever thought possible? The secret is to set goals and then make a plan for achieving them.

If that sounds cool, then you might just like the 3 amazing (and FREE) calendars my Team has made for you. This is the exact system we use to be efficient and feel great. It’s a total ‘get it done’ system that takes just 10 minutes a week to save you hours!


5 Skills You Must Know To Be A Successful Artist

I went to two of the world’s top art schools. It wasn’t until I had worked for a decade in the industry (on major blockbusters) that I discovered there are 5 Skills that you must know if you want to create the highest quality of work.

Knowing these skills will help sky-rocket your career. If you’re a film fan, these skills will give you a sneak peak at all the effort it takes artists to produce the movies, games and shows you love.

This 3 part video workshop is free, so register now for free instant access.


How To Tell A Story The Right Way:

Part 1: What Is A Story?
Discover what a story is and how you can use this incredible art form to get anything you want! I know it sounds evil, but it’s very cool…
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Part 2: Audiences & Characters
The key to having an Audience want to listen to your story is to design amazing and memorable characters. Find out how to captivate others…
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Part 3: Story Structure
When telling a story, there are 11 ‘story beats’ that all great stories need in order to be riveting. Story Structure is your secret to dazzling others…
Read More
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