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Let's Be Friends!

Here Nastja (my wife) and I are being interviewed about our crazy life! I’m an American who now lives in Europe (Slovenia…it’s the creamy filling in between Italy and Austria).

It all started at age 3. I saw my first flick. Walt Disney’s ‘The Jungle Book’. I asked my mom who made it. She said, “A Visionary. Walt started a business to produce his dreams.”

At 16 I was determined to be a filmmaker, like Walt. I got the rare chance to visit his animation studios for quick lunch. I ended up staying for 2 long days. I realized I wanted to work at Disney and learn the business magic that Walt had discovered.

I dropped out of High School (at age 17) when I got accepted to the only college I applied to…CalArts. The university Walt had founded.

In 2014 I got the first idea to create what eventually become the Visionary Planner. Here I am presenting my infamous ‘maps’ to Jeff Walker’s Mastermind. Based off this meeting I realized that creative people needed a system to organize their brands.

While at my dream college, I got to share my Vision with one of the people who inspired me to make movies…Steven Spielberg. We discovered that we both had attended the same High School - Los Gatos High (even though we both left early). Small world!

Right before graduation a young studio called Pixar gave CalArts a sneak peek of the world’s first computer animated film ‘Toy Story’ and it changed everything.

John Lasseter had a vision for what computer animation could become. I shared his vision. Even though I had invested four years learning hand-drawn animation I took a risk to start what I believed was the future.

It paid off.

Way back in 2002 I was privileged to animate Gollum on The Lord of the Rings. Here is the Animation Department’s crew picture, led by the very talented Randy Cook.

For 15 years I worked alongside some of the film industries top Visionaries, on some of the top Blockbusters of all time.

And many more.

I soaked up the knowledge of the studio systems for creating popular entertainment.

Nastja and I befriended Jimmy Choo, the famous shoe designer. As a wedding gift, he commissioned my suit to be custom tailored. Thanks to Lord’s Tailors in Kuala Lumpur for doing such a great job.

I got paid to learn.

In my mid-30’s my Vision kept developing...

In 2003 (look at me…I was so damn young!) I directed a short film that went on to play in several international film festivals. We even won a few awards! The cast and crew (and the ever talented Joe Hiles who produced) helped me bring my vision to life.

I realized that the internet is the future. If you’re a Visionary, and you don’t have control over your online presence, then you’ll always be dependent on others.

If you don’t create your own Vision, someone else will. And it may not be what you want.

My Vision was to Educate through Entertainment.

One of my passions is teaching. I believe that the world would be a much better place if we all passed along our knowledge and expertise. Here I am giving a speech to a packed auditorium. And to think I used to have stage fright!

I feel that the only way to change people’s lives is to educate them. The only way to get them to listen to your teachings is to make it entertaining. I had my Vision firmly in place, but was lacking a clear mission to get there...

During this time I was developing movie projects for me to direct. My career was going great but I walked away...

People thought I was nuts. People thought I was reckless. But I had a vision. That vision included me learning to become a great Educator.

Nastja and I had the most beautiful wedding day. You can see the island, and castle, of Slovenia’s gorgeous alpine lake behind us.

As luck would have it, around this time I met my wife, Nastja. She was getting her masters degree in Pedagogy...the art of teaching.

Soon I had sold off all my possessions and moved from my posh Hollywood apartment into a vagabond lifestyle. Due to travel visas (as Nastja was European), we had to travel from America to Europe every 90 days before our marriage. I love jetlag.

After a year Nastja and I had launched our first brand, The Studio Simulator. It is a licensed program that teaches students how to work together to create a short animated film.

I went from supervising and directing in Hollywood an average of 240 hours a month, to leisurely working under 10 hours a month anywhere I wished.

But I had a bigger Vision than that...

I’m a sucker for awards! In 2014 I received an award for ‘Best Brand’.

Using the funds from my first brand, I started my second...M.L.Murphy Productions.

I wanted to create a simple system that allowed me to develop and produce a new online brand as easily as possible.

My Team and I were determined to cut through the clutter and develop an easy-to-follow business production system any Visionary could use. Since I was one of the Team members who brought Gollum (from the Lord of the Rings) to life, I was sure I could find a way to bring businesses to life too.

My Team and I studied every marketing course around, and I even joined some high profile business masterminds. During this time I got to share my Vision with one of people who inspired me to start a business...Jeff Walker.

These days I’m one step closer to my final Vision (which will be fully revealed in time)...

Now I get to live in beautiful Slovenia, help my amazing clients and direct productions that excite me.

In short, I followed the advice of many mentors and now want to pass that info along to you.

Ready for some great advice?

Here I’m doing what I do best…having fun creating a vision. I’m passionate about guiding you on your journey to making your Vision a reality too!

M.L.Murphy Productions

We create trainings and services to help Visionaries use storytelling and technology to share their Visions with their Audience.

We deliver world-class service so our Guests can earn a living doing what they love, while inspiring others.

Our Visionary Planner helps our Guests solidify their branding, and then guides them on how to build their website, social media sites, online presence, marketing funnel, audience engagement and training product creation.

We have a team of Designers and Pedagogy Experts (they teach teachers how to teach). This guarantees that all our trainings are as easy to follow as possible.

If you’re interested in how we may be able to help you, send us a message via the Contact Form.

Our Team:

Nastja K. Murphy

Nastja heads up our Pedagogy Team. She works with clients to help them develop their teaching curriculums, course materials and production planning. Her super powers are creating systems people can easily follow and keeping Mike in line! 🙂

Her hobbies include dance, hiking and traveling around the globe with Mike. She’s the organizer of the Team.

Monika Okorn

Monika heads up our Social Media department. She master plans out weekly Episodes and oversees the distribution of the content with the goal of generating leads for our Clients. She has a degree in Social Work from University of Ljubljana.

Her hobbies include traveling, hiking in nature, photography, fashion and her new niece. She’s the sweet one of the Team.

Barbara Rode

Barbara handles our VIP projects. This includes working one-on-one with Clients to plan and produce their content. She has a degree in Pedagogy from University of Ljubljana.

Barbara rocks at tech, loves gadgets and is a music aficionado. She also loves cupcakes and the color purple. She is the prankster of the Team.