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  • How To Make An Action Movie

How To Make An Action Movie

If you're wondering how to design a great action sequence as part of your action movie, then this blog entry is for you. I've worked as a Previs (previsualization) designer for over a dozen of Hollywood's biggest hits. So here is what I've learned: Great action is not shooting random footage and piecing it together. [...]

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  • Trahm- Legacy short animated film.  Computer animation.

Trahm: Legacy – Short Animated Film

I directed this short film for Stun Creative.  It was a viral spoof we created in 6 weeks (INSANE!) for the Rahm Emmanuel campaign.  Roger Ebert gave it a thumbs up!  Sweet! Read more about it here:

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  • Mrs. Butterworth - Geico Commercial

Mrs. Butterworth – Geico Commercial

This is a funny Mrs. Butterworth / Geico commercial I directed the animation for.

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  • Weather Channel - Commercial

Weather Channel – Commercial

This is the first commercial I ever directed! I was so nervous the 2 days we shot. I had no idea how a film set worked (I was just an animator!) but I knew I needed to get experience directing actors and live-action. We shot at a number of locations, including the state [...]

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  • 3d short film

Get Lost- Short Film

I shot this film in my living room two days before moving to New Zealand! Don't try that at home kids! The animation took 2 years to complete because I had to squeeze it in while animating on Lord of the Rings, which averaged 14 hour days! But suffice to say, follow your [...]

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  • horror comedy short film

Night of the Broccoli – Short Film

I directed this short film on a whim while living in New Zealand. I 'storyboarded' it out by roughly video taping my actors before I shot the final film. The DP (or Director of Photography) was the super talented Adam Clarke who also shot Rose. I spent 3 months rotoscoping the broccoli so they [...]

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