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The Art of Storytelling – Part 3

Welcome to the final Part in our Storytelling Trilogy! If you missed Part 1, it’s all about the ‘big picture’ of storytelling. Here’s the link to read it: Part 1 - The Big Picture of Stories If you missed Part 2, all about Audience and Character, here’s the link: Part 2 - Audience and Character [...]

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The Art of Storytelling – Part 2

Welcome to my Trilogy of Storytelling Articles. You’re reading Part 2 of 3. If you missed Part 1, it’s all about the ‘Big Picture’ of stories. I highly recommend you check that out before you jam onto this. Not doing so could leave you bewildered and feeling kinda ‘dumb’. So check it out now. Feel [...]

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The Art of Storytelling – Part 1

Hi, I’m Mike L. Murphy. By the end of this 3 part article series you should have a very clear understanding about the art of storytelling, so that you can more clearly communicate your amazing ideas with others. You may be thinking, "Why should I know storytelling? I’m not a writer!" If so, it's not [...]

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  • Pixar’s Writing Secrets Exposed

22 Insights about Pixar’s 22 Rules of Storytelling

Pixar’s 22 Rules of Storytelling went viral a few years ago, so you might have seen this.  This is from a Pixar Story artist (Emma Coats).   I think these are great so I wanted to add my insights to them. Who doesn't love Pixar movies?  (If you're a rival studio who sees Pixar steal your profits then [...]

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  • Mike L. Murphy- Animator to ultra-entrepreneur

Mike L. Murphy: Animator to ultra-entrepreneur

Here is the English version of an interview that is appearing in Slovenia's top newspaper.  I wanted to share it with you! You visited Slovenia a few weeks ago mostly for pleasure; is Slovenia also the country you work in? I do my work online so I can do it anywhere in the world. I [...]

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  • Movie Breakdown- Shrek

Movie Breakdown: Shrek

Shrek:  Screenplays Don't Get Much Tighter Than This Another great story breakdown, this time for one of the best animated comedies of all time...SHREK! There's so many things right with the screenplay for Shrek, it's hard to know where to begin.  The opening sequence is a perfect example of everything that's right with this project. [...]

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